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Summer Camps

For over 58 years, our FREE summer camps have been a life-changing experience for over 15,000 needy Native American children. Our children come to this summer refuge from the pressing poverty of their homes in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Montana. 


Religious Training

We encourage our children's faith in God. The children are motivated and inspired to believe if they trust in God and work with Him, they CAN be successful and happy in life! They CAN change their world for the better!


Educational Opportunities

Our Eagle Flight Scholarship Program offers scholarship incentives that encourage our children and teens to excel in school, graduate and go on to college, vocational school, or university.


Emergency Assistance

School supplies, winter coats, shoes, food bank shipments and more are all part of our Emergency Assistance Program for needy Native American children and their families, most of which live in poor Indian communities and on remote reservations. 


​Current Project

This time of year at World Changers, represents when our needy children, who’ve experienced such a marvelous time of freedom and personal blessing at our summer camps, are now heading back to school – so many of them without adequate clothing or school supplies. Some will have only a thin dress or ragged jeans and t-shirt to wear.


The poverty in Indian country and on the reservation is brutal. Whether it be in an Indian community here in Oklahoma…or out on the remote Navajo Reservation in New Mexico, Native American children have the highest school “dropout” rate in the nation. We must do all we can to help these youngsters stay in school. We need to provide these children with back-to-school needs so they can go to school without embarrassment or shame.


We cannot fail these children! Our policy is “do whatever it takes!” Whether it’s for clothing, meals, help with schoolbooks, or incentives though our Eagle Flight Scholarship Program, we have to do all we can to encourage them to stay in school and on through college.


Please stand with us at this critical moment and help support our “Back to School Program.” School has already started for many of our youngsters. Help us show these children – before it’s too late – that they were born to achieve, born to excel…that they were indeed


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Above is a great picture showing a few of our campers during craft time, at our camp here in Oklahoma this past summer, proudly showing off the eagle art and cross necklaces they made.