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Summer Camps

For over 55 years, our FREE summer camps have been a life-changing experience for over 15,000 needy Native American children. Our children come to this summer refuge from the pressing poverty of their homes in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Montana. 


Religious Training

We encourage our children's faith in God. The children are motivated and inspired to believe if they trust in God and work with Him, they CAN be successful and happy in life! They CAN change their world for the better!


Educational Opportunities

Our Eagle Flight Scholarship Program offers scholarship incentives that encourage our children and teens to excel in school, graduate and go on to college, vocational school, or university.


Emergency Assistance

School supplies, winter coats, shoes, food bank shipments and more are all part of our Emergency Assistance Program for needy Native American children and their families, most of which live in poor Indian communities and on remote reservations. 

​Current Project

Thanks to the compassionate actions of our family of generous supporters – at the end of last year we began purchasing and delivering “family care packages” of food and water bottles to poor reservation families who lacked the utilities of electricity and safe water. Our goal this spring is to continue helping our friends out on the Navajo reservation in northern New Mexico.


With help from our wonderful donors, we plan to purchase as many 55-gallon water containers as possible for the families who live on the reservation. The desert there in northern New Mexico receives less than eight inches of rainfall annually. And the groundwater is so deep that digging a well is impossibly expensive. Families will use these new containers to haul fresh water from the nearest tribal well. These containers cost $60 each.


In addition to the water containers, we will continue to purchase firewood for our elderly Navajos to help with those cold desert nights, and hope to add to our already delivered shipments of shoes, gloves, and socks to our project areas in Oklahoma and New Mexico, and the over 250,000 lbs. of fresh produce we sent to our projects in southern Arizona.


This poor Navajo family is standing in front of their dilapidated reservation home. The large barrels in the background are used to haul the family's water from the tribal water pumps miles away.

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