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Summer Camps

For 55 years, our FREE summer camps have been a life-changing experience for over 15,000 needy Native American children. Our children come to this summer refuge from the pressing poverty of their homes in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Montana. 


Religious Training

We encourage our children's faith in God.  The children are motivated and inspired to believe if they trust in God and work with Him, they CAN be successful and happy in life!  They CAN change their world for the better!


Educational Opportunities

Our Eagle Flight Scholarship Program offers scholarship incentives that encourage our children and teens to excel in school, graduate and go on to college, vocational school, or university.


Emergency Assistance

School supplies, winter coats, shoes and food bank shipments

are all part of our Emergency Assistance Program to needy Native American children and their famlies.  Most live in poor Indian communties and on remote reservations. 

​Current Project

As the Coronavirus continues to rage, especially on the Navajo reservation, we have continued equally as much to fulfill their needs with our “Care Packages” we have been providing as promised in our last big project! We are definitely making a positive impact, but unfortunately, many families are still fighting this tragic pandemic and losing loved ones daily. 

But as the fight goes on, the children we assist in Oklahoma and New Mexico are beginning their education back in the classroom. These children will experience “in-person” studies with face masks and other strict rules and requirements while studying in the school. And should they experience an uptick in Coronavirus outbreaks, “remote learning” from the classroom to students’ homes will become increasingly necessary. These can be difficult challenges for young students to face, especially on a poverty stricken reservation. 

At World Changers we recognize how extremely important an education is, and know it is imperative that we find a way to keep these Indian youngsters in an educational setting! We have promised to provide a large amount of school supplies and other educational resources, such as internet services for Wi-Fi devices, masks, reusable water bottles, and other classroom needs.

Please help us provide "Back To School" items for the more than deserving children that we love and serve!


Above is one of our favorite camp photos that shows some of our happy Navajo campers at our Northern New Mexico Eagle Flight Youth Camp last August. 

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