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Cherokee is a freshman in college studying medical/molecular biology at Rogers State and plans to obtain a doctorate degree in dermatology in the future.  She enjoys running, volunteering, baking, horseback riding, and Native American beading. Cherokee has also wrote and published a children's book called Meanie Muffins.  Her inspiration for writing a children's book came from feeling different than her peers and as a result, was often teased for being unique.  Although at times her spirit felt damaged, she found a creative outlet through pageantry that helped her overcome her feelings of inadequacy.  She vowed to find a way to educate our youth on being kind and courteous to their peers.  She believes that educating youth early in life and being a good role model is the key to making a difference in bullying behavior.   Her choice charities include The Demand Project, The Little Lighthouse, Unlock Freedom, and Warriors for Ross.

During Cherokee’s year as Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2015, she hopes to inspire others to never give up on their dreams or goals they have set for themselves.  She is also passionate about Teen Suicide Prevention and Diabetes Awareness and Education.

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